Sunday, 22 July 2012

Next-Gen Luminous Engine - The Future of Game Technology

This new engine was revealed at E3 2012. Let me tell you, it is packed with revolutionary cutting-edge game technology. Not just breath-taking graphics, but the ability to run in real time and work on any platform. Here is the tech-demo which will demonstrate what they have done so far with the incomplete engine. Just a side note, this video has downgraded the full quality of the actual engine graphics, so the graphics are even better than what you are about to see.

Now some of you are unsure about what real-time is. Well, let me explain. Real-time technology is not per-rendered, it happens on the spot. At E3 2012, the staff paused the game and moved the camera position in a scene. Then he clicked play again and it worked smoothly. Coding that must have been insanity, what else can this engine pull off? We have yet to see it's limits.

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